AMPD Digital is a boutique digital marketing agency located in Dallas, Texas that is focused on Digital and Social Strategy, Content Generation,Community Management and Start-Up Consulting. Campaigns that are geared for brand engagement, awareness, and immediate revenue increase. With the introduction of easily accessible digital mediums, companies have been able to market their brands in new, inspiring ways. Unfortunately, there just hasn't been an affordable way for small business owners and individuals to utilize this opportunity to compete with the big players, until now.

Dallas, TX 75204


Who We Are


Co-Founder of AMPD Digital and Head of Digital Strategy, Cody previously co-founded a national marketing firm, a world-wide consultancy, has ran multiple world-wide e-commerce brands, and has worked with multiple million dollar businesses for process improvement. He has now shifted his focus to helping local businesses reach their full potential in their local market.

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As one of our most prized Digital Marketing Freelancers, Greg has helped new and established companies take the next step in their growth journey for the last 5 years. 1 of the first 6 employees of Close5, a mobile C2C marketplace, Greg helped increase user growth 100x in just 1 year. Close5, was eventually acquired by eBay Inc, where Greg was able to gain experience working for a Fortune 500 company while also growing eBay’s Incubator Labs. He now has moved full time time into helping businesses and start-ups maximize growth and engagement.

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The brains behind our creativity, Kendra is the head honcho when it comes to Content. Working previously as Creative Freelancer, Kendra has worked for numerous brands such as Wink + Glow, Smart City, Mint Theory, Dough Ray & Me, driving their creative content and growth.

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