Facebook Changed Their Algorithm: Is Organic Reach Dead? Are You Affected?

The almighty conglomerate Facebook announced last week they would be changing their “Feed Algorithm”. This comes on the heels of backlash they’ve received ever since the 2016 Presidential Election. News began to trickle down that Russia had spent millions of dollars on Facebook advertising perpetuating hate to rile up it’s targeted viewers on both sides of the political aisle. Following this PR stumble Facebook is “fixing the glitch” by drastically limiting artists, personalities and other brands who have garnered a following via their Facebook platform.

Facebook Is Discouraging:

  • Business/Fan Page Organic Engagement

  • Non Video Posts

  • Pages That Post Content Being Shared At A Lower Percentage

  • Posts That Don’t Have Close Friends Or Family Engaging With It

  • Engagement Baiting (“Share This Post”)

Facebook Is Encouraging:

  • Facebook LIVE (Six times the interactions of non-Live videos)

  • Facebook Stories

  • Video Content

  • “Quality Content” Focused On Sparking Conversation Between Users

  • Facebook Groups

  • Facebook WATCH (Competing with Youtube & TV)

  • Facebook Local (Competing with Yelp)

  • Spending Money To Reach YOUR AUDIENCE

Facebook making this change doesn’t affect my business nor should it affect yours. A main focus I harp on in my E-Book & Course Take Control: Grow & Monetize Your Audience Yourself is to create a hub for your audience where you aren’t reliant on another company (Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Youtube, etc…) to reach your customer base. How does it make sense to spend time and money on something that doesn’t get you a return? So I’m going to spend $100 promoting this piece of content just so my existing fans can see it?

Of course not. Each piece of content being promoted should have a goal in mind. For my clients, our conversion goals are typically based around making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, viewing content, etc. Once campaign goals are converting, the analytics I install on the back end of the client’s website will provide me with ways to engage these new fans for free. By creating digital audiences based off engagement with the client’s (YOUR) platform, I can then start fans or customers down a life cycle where the client is able to engage them for free, without fear of algorithmic changes, using E-mail Campaigns, Automations, SMS, Push Notifications, and others.

Don’t let this scare you from using Facebook or it’s subsidiaries to promote your business, passion or hobby. Follow some simple steps and this algorithmic change shouldn’t hinder the growth of your audience.

  1. Any post on FB should be promoted with a conversion goal in mind

  2. Host content, digital files, etc on website, create central hub for audience, service content to socials and other outlets

  3. Develop digital audiences based on website engagement to retarget for merch, ticket sales, etc.

  4. Create Look-A-Like Audiences to scale fanbase

  5. Automate Engagement — Interact with Audience For Free (Email, SMS, Push Notification, Text, Etc)

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- Axe

Gregory Gali