The Mortgage Industry Is Missing Something

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For some it’s becoming seemingly impossible to get qualified leads to grow a mortgage business...

These MLOs just wanting to get the cream of the crop in a digital world with minimal effort doing it how they’ve always done it before.

It’s not working... why?

Something is missing...

1. They’re competing in a machine-gun fight equipped with a stick. A thin one.

2. They’re trying to sell the table desert right as they sit down. Not even offering a water.

3. They’re asking for a marital commitment on the first date. And when they get a no, they trash it all together.

When I first started doing marketing for MLO’s a couple years ago...

My leads sucked and Facebook ads didn’t work.

What I heard from most clients. Which is weird.

How could it be my fault? I’m not in this business to bullshit, provide a faulty service, or create more problems than I solve.

I just wanted to help out.

Came down to one simple solution...

I didn’t solve all the problems they had.

Merely solving just one of the problems (leads) didn’t alleviate the other problems.

Actually added to the current issues and created more problems in addition.

How did I fix this?

Solved the other two problems.

When you solve all three problems...

1. Generate quality leads & filter out the bullshit

2. Teach them the new marketing strategies and inbound lead sales process/automation

3. Implement nurture systems and CRMs so they’re Top Of Mind always

They literally can’t fail unless they don’t follow the process.

It’s just been missing something... and this is how to fix it...

First step:

Make sure their marketing funnel has filters creating the best opportunity to have the cream of the crop in their pipeline.

They’re buying the bail of hay... make sure they can extract the needles easily.

If they can’t, it comes back on you. Equip them w the right tools.


Train them on long-term marketing strategies and the new pre-realtor lead sales process.

Your leads will suck if they’re trying to sell desert before water.


Implement a CRM specific to their mortgage business and train them on how to use it...

Because let’s face it, they might have Velocify or Sales Force, but non of them know how to customize or use it effectively.

But when they’re not looking to get hitched on the first date... the customized CRM and nurture strategies become super valuable and even more effective.

Especially when doing things this way double if not triple stats in three areas:

1. Their ROI and results working w you

2. Your price points and profitability

3. Your ability to retain them as clients

2019 is time for total takeover in this market.

If these things aren’t being offered to them, they’re being under serviced, and your being undervalued.

-Cody Baker Founder, MortgageConvert

Cody Baker